Tuesday, November 25, 2008

November 21 Meeting

The Jr. Robot Rampagers learned how to make some of the information that was collected into a better format so it would be easier to understand. They had monthly temperatures of the Great Basin in parts of Nevada, and they also had monthly amounts of precipitation in the same area. A graph of the amount of snowfall in the Great Basin was also made easier to understand. From that graph, the team noticed that about the same time they get their heaviest snowfall (about 4 inches max) we get ours, January.
These easier to read formats will be posted on their posterboard.

Nice Work!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

November 14 Meeting

Today the team started on their posterboard. They are going to show both cold and hot deserts. They also have an area that they are researching, The Great Basin Desert. The Great Basin is considered a cold desert because most of its winter precipitation is snow.
Some research was done as well. RoboRose found what the definition of climate was. Technobot did a small report about deserts and The Great Basin.
Looking Good Everyone!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November 7 Meeting

Today was a very exiting day for the Jr. Robot Rampagers!!
Today the team put their heads together and built their moving Lego masterpiece!!
It helps to collect water by drilling into the cactus root to supply the desert dwellers with fresh and clean water to drink.
The design also shows that there is a hot and cold deserts.
The only thing that wasn't done with it was to attach a collecting bucket for all the water to go in.
Next week they will start on the poster.

It's Looking Good!!!

October 31 Meeting

To start the day out, the team talked about things that live in the desert. They looked at pictures of mesas and buttes.
After learning what is in the desert, the team came up with a list of what pictures they wanted to put on their poster. All of the pictures had to resemble something of the desert. Some of the things they came up with was a camel, catcus and an oasis.
Knowing the things on the list, members started practicing their drawing.
Next week they will start on the moving Lego piece that would help the people that live in the desert.

This is a mesa.

This a butte.