Monday, September 8, 2008

Season Kickoff!!!!

Welcome Junior Robot Rampagers to this season!!!!

The September 5th meeting was full of fun and learning!!

With the topic being Climate, the team took turns reading aloud pages of the book about climate called Weather by Rena K. Kirkpatrick. After reading, the team answered questions about weather and climate. Then they looked at a globe to locate different areas of different climates.

The team challenge was to pick a climate and make something out of Legos to help the people in that climate. The climate they chose was a changing climate. They broke up into 2 teams and made models.

The first team; Edy, Megan, Gianna; built a vehicle. Their vehicle had an temperature gauge, weather vane, water gauge, a satellite to receive radar and skis to use in the winter.

The second team, Thomas and Keirstin, built a boat that can glide across ice and has a tow rope, radar for weather, a telescope and an ice saw.

Great Teamwork Junior RR's!!!!
Keep it up!!!!

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