Sunday, September 28, 2008

September 26

The JR. RR's first learned about their climate topic, the desert. After looking up and reading about the desert they each were given a chart to write 'What I Know', 'What I Want to Know', and 'What I Learned'. This chart will also be used at following meetings. The team talked about the animals and people that live in the desert and how they survive.

After reading, the team broke out the building kit to start some more assembly. They worked together to collect, build and take apart pieces. One of the projects they made was a windsurfer and it had 3 different sized sails and the team talked about why the smaller sizes went slower than the bigger ones. The Jr. RR's are working hard to learn about their climate and working as a team!!!
Quotes from the Team!!!
Naomi said "Legos are fun little blocks and you can do so many things with them!"
Technobot said "How excited I am about doing this!"
Keep Up the Good Work!!!!!!!!

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